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FBS Partnership program

Revolution of your income!

The simplest and most transparent affiliate program on Forex! Perfect conditions to start earning with zero investment! Try it out yourself!

We have removed all unnecessary conditions and restrictions from our IB program and made a true revolution on Forex! Earn easily at FBS!

Over 130,000 FBS partners are earning right now!
They know
a lot about money!

Best Partnership program 2014

Award of the International Academy MasterForex-V for the high level of our company's services and impressive success of our partners. Many of them have already opened local branches of FBS!

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Why is Forex partner

program so popular?

  • No investments required
  • All you need is to attract new traders to work with FBS
  • Register an account all promo materials for clients attraction are free
  • No special knowledge or skills in Forex trading needed

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Open affiliate account and get detailed instructions for building your affiliate network

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Monthly income:

$ 2500 per month is the average monthly income of FBS partner in 2014

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Start building your financial empire!

Most of our partners have achieved great success, starting from scratch. All you need to start is yourself and your computer. Everything’s here? Then head to success!

What advantages will you get from FBS?

  • High commission for each lot (up to $ 15 for EUR / USD)
  • Terms of the Programs are incredibly simple
  • No need to maintain the required number of active clients
  • A client executed an order yesterday - the commission is available for withdrawal today
  • You can withdraw profit from $ 1 via any convenient payment system
Honest conditions,
nothing extra!

Partner commission rates

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Use the maximum out of all opportunities offered by FBS:

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How does the affiliate program work?
1. You open the affiliate account
2. Get a referral link
3. Attract new traders

And we will provide you with all the necessary tools!

No need to know how to trade on Forex!
No need to risk your own money!
It is incredibly simple and cost-effective!

While you were reading this page, we have transferred our partners about 20 000 $.

Still have questions?

Read our detailed instructions in the FAQ.
Also, you can always ask a question about the affiliate program. And if you want to open a representative office in your city or country, please contact us.

Get money easily
Best of luck!