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2024-04-16 • Updated

How much money can you make on Forex?


You've likely heard of George Soros, often regarded as one of the most legendary Forex traders of all time. However, numerous ordinary traders have also achieved remarkable results worth recognizing in the upper echelons of trading.

One such trader deserving mention is Cheng Likuy, who gained worldwide fame in 2008. Hailing from the Chinese province of Shanghai, this unassuming trader began with just $400 and swiftly set a new Forex profit record. Within less than a month, his account had soared to $247 000. Cheng's journey to success took merely six months of dedicated training. Although he didn't reveal all his strategies, he mentioned utilizing pending orders.

In 2012, an astonishing story unfolded with Akhmad Arief, turning the daydreams of countless traders into reality. Within two weeks of intense trading, he skyrocketed his initial investment from $1000 to an incredible $1 000 000. Arief employed an aggressive trading tactic, focusing on major currency pairs like GBPUSD and EURUSD. His transformation into a millionaire through a high-risk strategy caught many by surprise.


Undoubtedly, substantial profits often accompany significant investments. The average annual yield of professional traders, factoring in all risks, typically ranges from 20% to 100%. This disparity underscores the importance of both skill and capital in the world of trading, where the potential for substantial returns is matched only by the level of risk undertaken.

Can Forex trading bring profits for a living?

Forex trading has been a pathway to success and financial freedom for many individuals, allowing them to break free from traditional employment and become their own bosses. It's not uncommon for both seasoned traders and newcomers with modest initial investments to reap significant profits from trading currencies. Achieving sustainable income through Forex trading requires commitment, ongoing learning, and regular practice to hone one's skills.

While the Forex market offers immense opportunities for profit, it's essential to acknowledge that trading carries inherent risks, and success is never guaranteed. However, with time and experience, traders can cultivate a consistent level of profitability. Imagine growing a trading account to a substantial sum like $400 000. With prudent risk management and a conservative approach, even a modest monthly return of 3% to 4% could translate into a comfortable income ranging from $12 000 to $16 000 per month.

The timeline for reaching such a level of success varies from trader to trader, influenced by factors such as starting capital, risk tolerance, and market conditions. Nonetheless, the possibility of achieving financial independence through Forex trading remains within reach for those who are willing to put in the effort and persevere through the challenges of the market.

What trading method to choose?

Forex traders can be categorized into three main groups: those who prefer manual trading, those who opt for copy trading, and those who utilize automated trading. Each of these approaches has its own distinct features, with both advantages and disadvantages depending on a trader's preferences.

Manual trading offers the genuine experience of operating a Forex trading system and complete control over trades. However, it demands significant time, attention, and precision since all orders are executed by the trader without automated assistance. While this approach allows traders to stay constantly informed about market conditions, sole reliance on the trader can lead to stress, particularly when managing numerous open orders. Nonetheless, the decision to trade or close positions ultimately rests with the trader.

On the other hand, automated trading in Forex eliminates emotions from the trading process, which is particularly beneficial for novice traders. It enables trading even when traders are unavailable to monitor charts, relying on programmed algorithms or robots. However, automated trading may result in less control over the trading account.

Copy trading has emerged as a popular trend in the investment world, offering an opportunity for individuals without substantial capital to participate. It involves adopting the trading strategy of a professional trader, with subscribers mirroring the actions of the professional in their own accounts. While this method requires minimal involvement in the trading process, it provides access to the expertise of seasoned traders.

All three approaches have their merits and can lead to sustainable profits. Manual trading can be likened to a high-stakes, competitive sport such as Formula 1, whereas automated and copy trading offer a more relaxed experience akin to riding in a luxury concept car guided by a dependable autopilot.

Raise more profits with FBS

Here are some insights from FBS that shed light on the profitability of Forex trading based on investment size. It's worth noting that investing can be risky, with both gains and losses in the mix. The numbers speak volumes. For instance, last month, traders who invested $100 or less saw an average profit of 23%, whereas those who put in $1000 or more saw returns ranging from 27% to 55%.

The difference in profit numbers can be explained by the fact that those who invest more money are usually more experienced and confident.

While Forex trading can yield profits, it requires thorough preparation, practice, strategy development, and effective risk management beforehand.


1. Can you make a lot of money in Forex?

Yes, it is possible to make significant profits through Forex trading. However, success in Forex trading depends on various factors such as market conditions, trading strategy, risk management, and individual skill level. While some traders have achieved substantial wealth through Forex trading, it's essential to recognize that trading also involves the risk of substantial losses.

2. How much can Forex traders make a day?

The amount of money Forex traders can make in a day varies widely and depends on several factors, including market volatility, trading capital, risk tolerance, and trading strategy. While some traders may make substantial profits in a single day, others may experience losses. It's crucial for traders to set realistic expectations and avoid overleveraging or taking excessive risks.

3. Can I be a millionaire in Forex?

While it's theoretically possible to become a millionaire through Forex trading, achieving such wealth requires a combination of exceptional trading skills, disciplined risk management, significant capital investment, and a long-term perspective. While there are success stories of traders reaching millionaire status, it's essential to approach Forex trading with caution and to be aware of the risks involved.

4. Which trading is most profitable?

There is no definitive answer to which type of trading is the most profitable, as profitability depends on various factors such as market conditions, individual trading strategies, risk tolerance, and skill level. Some traders may find success in Forex trading due to its high liquidity and volatility, while others may prefer stocks, commodities, or cryptocurrencies. Ultimately, the most profitable trading approach varies from trader to trader, and it's essential to choose a market and trading style that aligns with your goals, preferences, and risk tolerance.


Forex trading offers a promising path to financial success for those who are willing to put in the effort. From the inspiring stories of traders like Cheng Likuy and Akhmad Arief to the everyday achievements of many, Forex trading can lead to independence and wealth. However, it's important to remember that success in Forex requires hard work, learning, and a smart approach.

Whether you prefer to trade manually, use automated systems, or copy other traders, there are options for everyone. But keep in mind that Forex trading involves risks, so it's crucial to manage your money wisely.

While there's no fixed amount of money you can make in Forex, stories of successful traders and data from platforms like FBS show that it's possible to earn a living through trading. Ultimately, success in Forex trading comes down to dedication, resilience, and a good understanding of the market.

So, can you make money trading Forex for a living? Yes, but it takes time, effort, and a willingness to learn from both successes and failures. In the end, Forex trading isn't just about making money—it's about taking control of your financial future and enjoying the rewards of your hard work.

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