Online Trading vs. Offline Trading


What’s the difference between online and offline trading?

Nowadays, any person who wants to engage in trading is not faced with the question of how exactly to do it. Access to relatively free and fast Internet is available in almost every country in the world, and the number of users of online trading applications is constantly growing.

At the same time, we should remember the traditional approaches to trading, namely offline trading. How does it work? What are the advantages of offline trading? Finally, which online trading or offline trading approach to prefer – all about it in our article.


How to Build a Winning Forex Trading Plan?


Many traders start trading Forex in hopes of making quick and effortless profit. It’s true that the Forex market presents many opportunities for traders to earn money off of price movements. However, it’s hard to make consistent income without careful planning and a good strategy because impulsive decisions and lack of self-restraint can turn any trade into a losing one.

In this article you’ll find out what a trading plan is, why it is important to make one before you start trading, and how to build a winning trading plan that can help you largely increase your chances of success in Forex trading.


What is Hedging in Forex?


The Forex market, even more than any other financial market, is prone to volatility and constant price fluctuations. Because of this, traders have to always stay vigilant and act quickly if the market moves against them. But even if there are no opportunities to save your trades, there's still a way to protect yourself from these unexpected price movements. This strategy is called hedging, and in this article, you'll learn what hedging is, how it works, and how you can apply it to your Forex trades.


What Factors Affect the Price of Cryptocurrencies?


Do you want to trade cryptocurrencies but need to know when it is better to sell or buy them? What happens to the prices in the crypto market, and what should you consider? Well, cryptocurrency trading is one of the most progressive and tempting but challenging ways to make a profit. The first thing worth exploring as a novice trader is the factors influencing cryptocurrency prices. It is no secret that the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile, and cryptocurrency can be subject to long-lasting or short price fluctuation, which makes it difficult to predict the effectiveness of trade transactions. 

The following guide will shed light on the most critical factors that affect cryptocurrency prices and help you improve as a trader.


MT5 in Copy Trading and Social Trading

cover.jpgMetaTrader 5 is a leading trading platform with many trading opportunities, from providing technical analysis tools to creating trading group chats. In this article, we focus on the mechanism of copy trading and social trading in the framework of MT5.

Let’s start with some fundamental features of MetaTrader 5!


Online Forex Trading Courses 2023: FBS’s Choice


It will be almost impossible to find anyone unaware of Forex, the largest market in the world with the highest liquidity and tremendous opportunities. The market has simple and accessible entry conditions and works around the clock. It is the Forex market that opens its doors to a successful life and, at the same time, can leave with nothing.


Common Knowledge is a Trading Trap


It is no secret that trading can be just as risky as it can be profitable. Many amateur traders dive into it without a proper plan or strategy in place, which costs them lots of money. But an even bigger mistake they can make is blindly trusting common knowledge and thinking that it is enough to ensure profitable trades.

In this article, we will discuss what common knowledge in trading is, how it can be detrimental to traders, the most frequent traps traders fall into, and tips for avoiding trading traps.


15 Most Significant Stock Chart Patterns


When you’re trading stocks, using technical analysis can help you spot any shifts within the market. Chart patterns are what you can use as part of your technical analysis. They appear on price charts and indicate the direction in which the market is likely to move and where you can potentially enter or exit a trade.

In this article, we will tell you what chart patterns are exactly, how you can use them in your trading, and find out about the 15 most significant stock chart patterns that will help you with your trades.


The History of Forex Trading


Nowadays, Forex trading is available in every household if you have a reliable PC and a stable Internet connection. However, not a lot of people know that currency exchange is far from a new thing. In fact, it has been around since ancient times, when the first human civilizations started using money and established trade relations between each other.

In this article, you’ll learn about the evolution of currency exchange over the centuries and how exactly modern Forex trading developed and came to be as we know it.


VPS is back: what is it and how can it help traders?


We have some great news for you! FBS has announced the return of its highly acclaimed VPS. With this server, you can finally stop worrying about connection or security issues and take your trading to a completely new level.

But if the term ‘VPS’ sounds unfamiliar to you, this article will help you understand what a VPS is, how it works, and how exactly a VPS can aid you with Forex trading.


Gambling Psychology In Trading


A lot of people decide to start trading because they think it is an easy and quick way to earn money. They treat trading as a game, falling victim to the so-called gambling psychology. In this article, we’ll learn what gambling psychology is, how it can affect your trading and ways to avoid it.

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