We have announced the results of GIVEAWAY!

We have announced the results of GIVEAWAY!

Remember our 10 millionth trader Giveaway contest? We are ready to announce the results! Congratulations to the lucky winners.

More than 9000 people took part in our contest – this is a very impressive number! Thank you all for participating. Unfortunately, many participants didn’t fulfil the conditions of the contest – but don’t get upset and be more careful next time!

Everyone, who faced the conditions of the contest, got a personal number. Pure luck decided who’s going to win: we used the random number generator to identify the lucky winners. Ten of them have heard their names in the livestream – and got iPhones X as their presents.

The other winners can find their names in the list below. Thank you for being a part of FBS community and congratulations!

IPNONE X                                                                                                                                                          

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