Books for Forex Traders in 2023!


Just like a woodsman has to always keep his ax sharp, so do Forex traders who need to work on improving their trading skills. Learning is the most straightforward way to becoming a successful Forex trader. There are countless educational materials about trading both online and offline, but finding reliable and informative resources is often challenging. So in this article, we'll focus on the best books for traders and learn why reading books is still relevant to traders.


Margin Call: What It Is & How to Avoid It


You have probably heard about an unpleasant surprise to traders: a margin call. And we hope you do not know how bad it might be for your money.

A margin call is a broker’s demand for a trader to increase their margin account’s value to a minimum balance set by a broker. Unfortunately, some who trade on margin have no clue about the related risks.

But as ominous-sounding as a margin call may be, the fear of it did not keep hungry traders from leveraging their portfolios. So let’s try to simplify this term that causes troubles to traders’ accounts and figure out what a margin call is and how to avoid one. Because forewarned is forearmed.


How to Short Sell. Pros and Cons of Short Selling


What is short selling?

Put simply, short selling is when an investor borrows securities and sells them hoping to repurchase them at a lower price in the future, thus making a profit. This is what short selling is in a nutshell.

However, one must not oversimplify this investment strategy, as short selling not only comes with opportunities for significant profits – it also implies grave risks. Combined with several cons you might want to know about, short selling is an activity not to be taken lightly.


Portfolio Diversification: What Benefits Can a Forex Trader Get by Using it?


Collect as many eggs as you can, and don't put them all in one basket – a fundamental principle of a wise trader. Trading is a big road where you can face sharp turns and bumps. That's why traders should learn more about different strategies and methods to protect themselves and mitigate the risks.

This paper will discuss the importance of diversification in Forex trading, teach you how to diversify your trading portfolio, and answer some popular questions.


To Become a Great Trader, You Must Avoid These 18 Trading Mistakes


Have you ever wondered what helped all those professionals of Wall Street become successful? You will be surprised, but the key to their reached heights is hidden in their mistakes. Yes, that is right. Most professional and successful traders made many mistakes before they got to the top.

Making mistakes is ordinary and sometimes even necessary because it helps you learn. The crucial point of this idea is never to repeat those mistakes because some errors may cost us a fortune. That is why we gathered the 18 most common trading mistakes to avoid, which will hopefully prevent you from suffering losses.


What Factors Affect the Price of Cryptocurrencies?


Do you want to trade cryptocurrencies but need to know when it is better to sell or buy them? What happens to the prices in the crypto market, and what should you consider? Well, cryptocurrency trading is one of the most progressive and tempting but challenging ways to make a profit. The first thing worth exploring as a novice trader is the factors influencing cryptocurrency prices. It is no secret that the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile, and cryptocurrency can be subject to long-lasting or short price fluctuation, which makes it difficult to predict the effectiveness of trade transactions. 

The following guide will shed light on the most critical factors that affect cryptocurrency prices and help you improve as a trader.


Partner Cashback: A Special Offer for IB Clients

1822-rdy (2).png

Partner Cashback is a trading incentive FBS Partners offer their clients for their activity. These extra funds are deposited to traders’ trading accounts once a week to partly compensate for the unsuccessful trades and reward the successful ones.


8 Most Common Indicators for Scalping


So many factors affect the financial markets that it's often impossible to correctly predict where the prices will move next. Many traders lose their hard-earned money because of unexpected price swings. Some shift to smaller time frames and turn to scalp trading to reduce the risk of exposure to significant price fluctuations.

In this article, you'll learn what scalping is, what indicators scalpers use, and how to apply these indicators in a scalping trading strategy.

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