Let’s find out, who is real Forex Guru and where to find him?

Most of ordinary people and new investors have a very little idea of who is Forex Guru? Whether it’s a fakir conjuring benefits from your trading soar to the heavens or a high-caliber trader ready to support and share his or her experience with you? Of course, the second option is closer to the truth. But, as Forex Gurus are hardly flying in the skies and wearing colorful tight suits like most super heroes, the biggest question steel remains “How to recognize them and where to look for real Guru?” 

In the common sense, Guru is a teacher and especially intellectual guide in matters of fundamental concern. Looking for reliable mentor, please, remember that Forex trading isn’t about predicting what happens next. It’s about having system with an edge. Don't ever trust a teacher without a track record, because usually those traders wish to hide their own failure and continue to provide a second class trading or teaching service.  I’m absolutely sure that you will be careful choosing trading Guru, but few hints to detect scam won’t be waste, for sure. 


Artificial intelligence will change the Market forever

The beginning of the year is the best time to talk about the future. And apart from omnipresent ICO news, you’ve probably heard one recurrent subject – artificial intelligence(AI). If it doesn’t sound interesting to you already, you should probably rethink that, because no matter whether you want it or not, AI will soon change your life forever.

We’ve looked deep into different scenarios of the future AI brings and gathered all that will influence traders the most.

Major AI global race

The world is hyped for the new tech revolution AI will bring. Already there are rivers of cash flowing around it and it’s only going to multiply in the next few years. According to Bloomberg, AI will contribute as much as $15.7 trillion to the world economy by 2030. That’s more than the current combined output of China and India.


Thailand’s top artist Tom Room 39 teams up with FBS

What’s common between a Thai celeb Tom Room 39 and FBS? Both believe that future isn’t set in stone and anyone can change it at any minute if they really want it. Cooperation with young, talented, and ambitious people like Tom Room 39 means a lot to FBS: we are focused on the same principles, even though our professional fields differ. Not only he dreams big but also searches for ideas, opportunities, and tools to fuel his dreams and make them come true.Thus, future belongs to you and you can shape it into whatever excites you. Tom Room 39 states: trading with FBS is an awesome way to create the future you want! Create possibilities and live in a dream with FBS – the best international Forex broker!

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Discover how to gain real profits from Forex gold trading

Gold has been magically attractive metal for ages as it is a symbol of wealth and status all over the world. Although the times of golden rush has gone long ago it still makes one’s eyes burn. Since the days of the Inca gold fascinates people and causes an irresistible desire to own it. Let’s face it. Unlike cash or oil, gold is romantic. And owning gold is more than just a little bit impressive. I’m absolutely sure that you have been wondering, "How can I get it?" from time to time.

Quite easy! Gold can be traded in many ways. One way is to physically own and directly invest in gold coins and bullions. You can also invest in gold mining companies by buying their shares. There are a number of young gold and silver mining companies that can be real good investments. 


Find out which Forex trading strategy best matches your personality

Many fresh investors turn to Forex market in hopes of making a quick fortune. Unluckily, the prevailing majority of these individuals fail to turn a significant profit. This is due to the fact that to succeed in Forex market, you need to have a clear trading strategy the best matches your personality and your trading goals.

Forex traders apply wide range of strategies and techniques to determine the best entry and exit points—and timing—to buy and sell currencies. Market analysts and traders are constantly innovating and improving upon strategies to devise new analytical methods for understanding currency market movements. Below are described three major types of traders and strategies based on the most resounding and stunning success examples.


Learn about Forex market, its core features and useful tips to get started

Forex market is a vast ocean of financial opportunities, providing numerous supporting trading tools and the deepest knowledge. A person ready to work, to absorb megaton of knowledge, analyze the endless stream of data and try on the experience of successful traders, may eventually achieve unprecedented success. As in any other business, having a certain goal and specific strategy, clearly presenting real financial capabilities, one can start a difficult climb to the top of the Forex trading success.

The Forex market is globally decentralized exchange currency market, where the amount of currency equivalent to 5.1 trillion U.S. dollars is traded on a daily basis. There are five Forex market centers around the world - New York, London, Tokyo, Frankfurt and Zurich. It means that one does not need to be on the trading floor to be involved in the Forex market. 


Secure your trading operations and benefit from using Virtual Private server

Suddenly the future became real and virtualization began to play a major role in many areas of business, such as Forex trading, making VPS hosting of financial applications more safe and efficient. It provides the user with the benefits of privacy, control, dedicated resources, and customization. Given that trading and financial applications often require more stability and faster connectivity than any other type of application, the benefits of virtualized hosting are enormous.

 Forex  VPS or Virtual Private Server is something very close to Cloud or Virtual Box and allows running as many trading systems in one machine as possible. In outline, it is a virtualized environment hosted on a powerful and robust server dedicated to deploying the expert advisors to run nonstop and independent of the trader’s computer or input. The server runs 24 hours a day with software designed to overcome internet connection issues that may slow down or totally restrict the functions of a trading system. Problems like power outage, technical difficulties, viral attacks, and other issues put traders at a disadvantage because of risk to stop the trade from going on. With a well structured strategy and a favorable market environment trading by means of virtual machine offers a bright prospect and great potential.


Use Forex charts for faster response on the dynamical changes of quotes

Could you just imagine while studying a simple statistics in high school or in a College that it may help you to become a successful Forex trader in future? Believe it or not, but Forex charts are one of the most powerful trading tools used to compare the current price with historical price and figure out the patterns and future price movements. Let’s see what you really need to know to make the most efficient use of Forex charts.

Forex charts display the dynamics of prices of various currency pairs based on historical data. They provide powerful insights and patterns into the currency market and make technical analysis work. As a matter of fact, the market participants use the data of charts to decide when to open or close positions. Charts are an optimal instrument for analyzing trends and patterns. For traders understanding charts it is quite easy to predict where the market will move. 


Improving lives of school kids from Mae Chaem, Thailand

For us, child education in rural areas has always been a touching subject. Parents from poor neighborhoods can’t afford to enroll their kids into nice schools, if they have the ability to send them to school at all. Rural schools operate mostly on enthusiasm of the teachers who can only give as much as they can.

There is never enough money for books, school uniform, proper educational materials and more than that, kids often don’t have enough energy to study properly, having to help their parents at home and often enduring a long trip to school and back. Educational process suffers and kids are more likely to drop out, contributing to the cycle of poverty. 


“Are you a real person or a robot?” Behind the scenes of FBS Customer Support

One of the preconditions to brokerage company’s progress and success is respectful and stable communication with its clients. Obviously, keeping in touch with a broker 24/7 provides a higher level of trust. Indeed, technical support is a human face of a broker. Any successful trader needs a friendly assistance which helps to impart knowledge to Forex trading process and doesn’t let them keep their thoughts and expectations in a helter-skelter manner. There is a big work behind trader’s back which is called Technical Support, and this team is always by client’s side.

Inside FBS Customer Support 

What is really hidden in a chat box on FBS website? FBS technical support consists of people familiar with Forex market, web development, and computer science. With these skills and competence, FBS support team can troubleshoot any problems that clients meet while trading. 


Using forex signals can save traders a lot of time and teach new methods

Forex Signals are regularly updated records on trades performed on currency market. In other words, signals act as a trade alert, which notify a trader when to enter or exit a trade. These signals can be obtained from companies that offer subscription services, presenting information on their web-sites or from a number of brokers who provide information for traders of standard or VIP accounts. The price of such service can vary from free, if you receive it from your broker, to a daily average of 5-10$ and higher depending on the individual or company providing it. There are also some packages that offer long term access for a one time subscription fee. In this case the price is reaching up to several hundred dollars.

Range of services offered by Forex Signals providers varies widely. Forex Signals pack may include anything from performance trackers, sms, email, and online alerts, to customer support via email or phone, and advanced analysis as a special offer. As trading signals providers should keep their strategies secret, trading with them more or less reminds blind date and requires high degree of confidence in the company or individual behind the issued signals.


Why people think Forex is a scam?

Some people still think Forex Market is a scam. Of course, it sounds ridiculous for traders and people with a degree in finance, but other people often take this statement seriously. Simple lack of understanding of economy may result in creating myths and lies about Forex, which unfortunately can discourage a lot of people with high potential.

“Forex is simply the market of the currencies. It is similar to real estate or auto market. You can’t say the auto market is a scam.” Robert Parker, CEO of Holborn Assets - Holistic Financial Planning Services, Dubai.


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