We would like to remind you that Visa/Mastercard is a payment system that allows only a refund of the deposited funds.
This means that you can withdraw via card only the sum of your deposit.

One of the key reasons a card refund takes as long as it does is the number of steps involved in the refund process. When you initiate a refund, as when you return merchandise to a store, the seller requests a refund by beginning a new transaction request on the card network. The card company must receive this information, check it against your purchase history, confirm the merchant's request, clear the refund with its bank, and transfer the credit to your account. The card's billing department must then issue a statement showing the refund as a credit, which is the final step in the process. Each step is an opportunity for delays due to human or computer error or due to waiting for a billing cycle to elapse. That is why sometimes refunds take more than 1 month!

Please be informed that withdrawals via card are usually processed within 3-4 days.

If you didn't receive your funds within this period, you can contact us via chat or e-mail and request withdrawal confirmation.