The IB Grade is your level as a Partner. This system is designed for the Partners to increase the amount of commission they receive, as well as make the calculations more clear and easy. 

With the Grades system, you receive payments for each trade performed by your clients. The amount of the commission is based on the spreads and your personal Level Multiplier, which is the percentage of spread you receive as the commission. You can learn more about it in this article: How is the IB commission calculated?  

Your Grade and Level Multiplier depend on the average commission you have received for the last three months. It is upgraded as the commission amount grows. 

You can always check the current progress in the Partner Area

Your Grade is determined by the payout value, which is calculated the following way: 

Payout = Average Commission for the last three months + Experience Bonus. 

Experience Bonus is a bonus added to boost your grade up. The more experience you have as an IB at FBS, the bigger the bonus is, with a maximum of 1000. 

The bonus depends on the commission amount received for the last three years since 01.01.2021. It is calculated according to the following formula: 

Experience bonus = Total commission for three years / 100

The last month is not added to the total commission amount. 

It is important to note that the bonus is not an additional commission. It only affects the grade calculation. 

For example, your average monthly commission is 936$. Your total commission for the last three years is 30 000$, which makes the experience bonus 30 000 / 100 = 300. Then the payout is calculated = average monthly commission + experience bonus = 936 + 300 = 1236, which is Grade 4. 

The higher your average commission for the last three months and your Experience Bonus is, the higher your Grade will be. To check it, please refer to the following table: 

Grade Commission Level Multiplier  Average commission requirement
Grade 1 30% $0 - $24.99
Grade 2 33% $25 - $249.99
Grade 3 36% $250 - $999.99
Grade 4 38% $1000 - $2999.99
Grade 5 41% $3000 - $9 999.99
Grade 6 43% $10 000+