Please kindly note that you can only have one verified Personal Area in FBS.

If you don't have access to your old account, you can contact our customer support and provide us with a reason why you can no longer use the old account. We will unverify the old Personal Area and verify the new one right after.

What if I deposited into two Personal Areas?

A client cannot make a withdrawal from an unverified Personal Area for security reasons.

In case you have funds in two Personal Areas, it's necessary to clarify which of them you would prefer to use for further trading and financial transactions. To do so, please, contact our customer support via e-mail or in the live chat and specify which account you would prefer to use:

  1. In case you would like to use your already verified Personal Area, we will temporarily verify the other account for you to withdraw funds. As it was written above, temporary verification is required for a successful withdrawal;
    As soon as you withdraw all funds from that account, it will be unverified;
  2. If you'd like to use not verified Personal Area, first, you will need to withdraw funds from the verified one. After that, you can request unverification of it and verify your other Personal Area, respectively.