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2024-03-20 • Updated

Best Cryptocurrency to Invest in 2024


“What is the best cryptocurrency to buy?” is one of the most common questions traders ask as we enter 2024. The crypto world is changing, potentially marking a pivotal year for digital assets.

Bitcoin is still holding its position as one of the best coins to invest in. This April, another BTC halving is expected; resulting economic changes could significantly impact the coin’s value. This coincides with broader economic and regulatory changes that could take Bitcoin to new heights. In parallel, Ethereum is progressing with advances in tier 2 networks such as Polygon and Arbitrum, strengthening its presence in the market.

The revival of the digital collectibles market, driven by Ethereum-based projects and crypto games, reflects the increased interest in the diverse uses of blockchain. In addition, integrating artificial intelligence into crypto and tokenizing real-world assets are setting new industry standards and increasing transparency and efficiency.

The growth of the crypto market is evidenced by increased institutional investment in the network and improved liquidity. Security remains a top priority, with continued efforts to enhance security features and user-friendly blockchain technologies to encourage wider adoption.

The following sections focus on the prospects of the crypto market and give you a few ideas on the best cryptocurrency to invest in for beginner and experienced traders alike.

Investing in cryptocurrency in 2024

Deciding on the best cryptocurrency to buy in 2024 requires a comprehensive grasp of the fundamentals, meticulous planning of investments, and a strategic approach to trading. The cryptocurrency market encompasses a spectrum of assets, ranging from established options like Bitcoin to newer, more speculative ventures. Essential steps entail establishing a secure wallet to safeguard cryptographic keys and carefully selecting a reputable cryptocurrency exchange based on criteria such as security measures, user experience, and fee structures.

A well-rounded investment strategy driven by thorough research is paramount. It is crucial to diversify your portfolio with a mix of stable assets and those with high growth potential, prioritizing an in-depth analysis of each project's technology and team over succumbing to market hype. Given the market's inherent volatility, investing only what you can afford to lose and exploring approaches like long-term holding or active trading is advisable.

Remaining vigilant and well-informed is imperative in the rapidly evolving landscape of cryptocurrencies. Understanding the underlying technology and prevailing market trends is vital for capitalizing on opportunities while minimizing risks. Investors can effectively navigate the dynamic crypto environment by staying abreast of developments and exercising caution.

How to choose the best coins to invest in


So, how do you choose the best crypto to invest in? In the sections below, we will look at some of the most promising options that might give you ideas regarding the best cryptocurrency to buy, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced trader.

In 2024, picking the best crypto to invest in 2024 will require a blend of research, analysis, and strategic decision-making. You are best safe to begin by evaluating the fundamentals of each project, including its technology, team, use case and community support. Look for coins with solid utility and real-world applications that address existing market needs or offer innovative solutions.

Consider the project's track record, a roadmap for future development, and any partnerships or collaborations that may enhance its credibility and potential for growth. Pay attention to market trends and emerging sectors within the cryptocurrency space, such as decentralized finance (DeFi), non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and Web3 technologies.

Diversification is critical to managing risk in your investment portfolio. Balance high-risk, high-reward assets with more stable options to mitigate potential losses. Additionally, stay informed about regulatory developments and macroeconomic factors that could impact the cryptocurrency market.

To recap, conducting thorough research, staying informed, and adopting a long-term perspective is essential for choosing the best cryptocurrencies to buy in 2024.


The following information should not be considered financial advice. It is our policy and responsibility to emphasize the importance of the DYOR-approach: Do Your Own Research before investing in any of the digital assets mentioned below, and take great care to follow a risk management regimen to mitigate potential losses.

Best crypto to buy for beginners

1. Bitcoin Minetrix

In 2024, one of the most accessible options for the best cryptocurrency to buy if you’re a beginner is Bitcoin Minetrix.

The platform revolutionizes the crypto mining landscape by offering a stake-to-mine model. Unlike conventional mining, which requires substantial hardware and technical know-how, Bitcoin Minetrix lowers the barriers to entry, allowing even novices to partake in Bitcoin mining. Investors stake BTCMTX tokens to earn mining credits, representing a stake in Bitcoin mining profits.

Bitcoin Minetrix-1.png

The appeal of Bitcoin Minetrix lies in its innovative approach to combining staking and mining. This model makes it easier for beginners to understand and participate and opens up potential revenue without significant upfront investments. The ongoing pre-sale phase of Bitcoin Minetrix, with a soft cap target of $15 million, demonstrates the burgeoning potential of this platform in the crypto market. It is a beacon for beginners, offering a unique blend of accessibility and potential profitability.

2. Bitcoin

Bitcoin has made significant strides in 2024. The coin exceeded $45,000, reflecting a solid recovery and sustained investor interest.


The SEC’s approval of Bitcoin ETFs has been a landmark achievement for the cryptocurrency, enhancing its legitimacy and potentially broadening its investor base. This decision paves the way for an influx of institutional funds into the Bitcoin market. Furthermore, the upcoming halving event, which historically impacts supply and demand dynamics, will likely influence Bitcoin's price positively, making it an even more attractive investment for long-term holders.

Beginner traders tend to see Bitcoin as the best cryptocurrency to invest in, as this asset gives the impression of security and potential for growth. Its established market presence and role as a pioneer in the digital currency space provide a solid foundation for new investors.

Bitcoin's widespread adoption and integration into financial products such as ETFs signify its maturing ecosystem and potential for increased market stability. These developments suggest that Bitcoin remains a trailblazer in the cryptocurrency world and a viable asset that continues to attract diverse investor interest.

3. Ethereum


Ethereum maintains its status as a foundational cryptocurrency, particularly for beginners. As the most extensive blockchain network with smart contract functionality, it underpins countless decentralized applications and other cryptocurrencies. Ethereum's widespread adoption in various sectors, notably DeFi and NFTs, underlines its position as a safer and more stable investment option in the volatile crypto landscape.

Ethereum's stability and extensive utility make it a beginner’s perfect choice as the best cryptocurrency to invest in. Its role as the supporting framework for many crypto projects and its standing as the second-largest cryptocurrency by market cap reflects its reliability and future growth potential. Ethereum allows beginners to invest in a well-established and evolving platform, a cornerstone of the broader crypto ecosystem.

Best crypto to buy for long-term investors

1. Avalanche (AVAX)


Avalanche has quickly risen in the blockchain world, with impressive transaction speeds and low fees. Its compatibility with Ethereum's EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) makes it a versatile and attractive option, allowing for the easy transfer of assets between Ethereum and Avalanche. This feature and its limited supply and transaction fee-burning mechanism create a unique and potentially lucrative economic model. However, Avalanche faces stiff competition from established blockchains, and its success will depend on its ability to innovate and maintain a competitive edge.

2. Aave


Aave has established a prominent presence in decentralized finance, enabling users to lend and borrow cryptocurrency in the DeFi environment. The protocol, which operates on the Ethereum blockchain, functions independently of traditional financial intermediaries, with governance vested in token holders. The significant amount of funds locked within the Aave protocol underscores its widespread adoption and credibility within the Ethereum ecosystem.

Despite the price stability following previous peaks, Aave's fundamental importance in the DeFi landscape suggests that it may hold promise as a valuable long-term investment opportunity.

3. Cardano (ADA)


Last but not least comes another option for the best crypto to buy: Cardano. This coin distinguishes itself with a strong emphasis on sustainability and a rigorous development approach. This third-generation blockchain supports dApps and NFTs and has gained attention for its technological innovations. The increasing active wallet addresses and transaction volumes, alongside growing interest from large-scale investors, suggest a bullish sentiment in the market. Cardano's commitment to sustainable development and its position as a potential key player in the next bull run make it a promising choice for long-term investors.

Other upcoming cryptocurrencies to watch out for in 2024

In 2024, the cryptocurrency market will continue to evolve. So, we will see new and innovative projects with the potential to redefine the digital asset landscape. Among these emerging cryptocurrencies, three projects have captured the attention of investors and enthusiasts alike.

Solana (SOL)


Solana is a beacon of innovation in high-performance blockchains and might be one of the top choices as the best crypto to buy in 2024. Its pioneering hybrid consensus mechanism, fusing proof-of-stake with proof-of-history, has set new transactional speed and efficiency benchmarks.

With a market cap ballooning to $41.6 billion, SOL is not just a cryptocurrency but a foundational pillar for a new wave of decentralized applications and financial solutions. Its rapid adoption and the growth of its ecosystem - encompassing everything from DeFi to NFTs - underscore Solana’s potential to redefine transactional dynamics in the blockchain space.

As the cryptocurrency world gravitates towards eco-friendly and efficient solutions, Solana’s blend of high speed and low fees places it at the forefront of this transformative wave.

Xai (XAI)

Xai (XAI).png

Xai is carving out a unique niche in the blockchain industry by building the first layer-3 blockchain on top of Arbitrum, a well-known Ethereum scaling solution. The project focuses on revolutionizing blockchain gaming and enabling genuine asset ownership within games. Integrating crypto features into gaming is a novel approach that aims to attract millions of gamers, offering them benefits beyond traditional gaming experiences.

Backed by significant capital firms and having launched on the Binance exchange, Xai is poised to become a key player in the burgeoning intersection of blockchain and gaming. So, it's pretty much worth considering Xai as the best cryptocurrency to invest in.

LayerZero (ZRO)

LayerZero (ZRO).png

LayerZero is a groundbreaking cross-chain messaging protocol at the forefront of innovation, enabling applications to operate seamlessly across diverse, decentralized networks. This disruptive solution addresses a critical need in the blockchain space, increasing liquidity and utility for users.

Supported by significant funding and a firm market valuation, LayerZero will launch its ZRO token in 2024 alongside a highly anticipated airdrop. Positioned as a pioneer in the cross-chain messaging landscape, coupled with robust support from leading crypto-focused investment entities, LayerZero falls into the category of the best cryptocurrency to buy or at least consider buying.


The 2024’s crypto landscape is vibrant and constantly evolving. The industry presents a plethora of opportunities for investors of all levels.

Beginners can explore user-friendly options of the best cryptocurrency to invest in, including Bitcoin Minetrix. At the same time, seasoned investors may find stability and growth in established assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Projects like Avalanche, Aave, and Cardano will offer innovative solutions if you're into cutting-edge technological advancements. Meanwhile, emerging currencies such as Xai and LayerZero exemplify the future potential of blockchain technology.

The digital assets market requires a balanced approach that blends comprehensive research with a willingness to embrace new developments. Follow FBS to stay updated on the latest crypto market trends and learn more about trading crypto in 2024.

Finally, we can't stress enough the importance of doing your own research when deciding on potential investments. The results of this research will complement the information you get from experts and market-related media and help you make a thoughtful choice. When it comes to trading crypto, smart is safe.


Which crypto will rise in 2024?

The cryptocurrency market is highly volatile and influenced by market trends, technological advancements, regulatory developments, and investor sentiment. So, predicting the future or finding 100% correct financial advice is hard. However, some of the world’s most popular coins, like Bitcoin and Ethereum, are worth keeping a close eye on as they have the most potential to rise in 2024.

Is crypto a good investment in 2024?

Predicting the potential of cryptocurrencies as an investment in 2024 is challenging due to their volatile nature and susceptibility to various factors such as regulatory changes, market trends, and technological advancements. Before choosing the best cryptocurrency to invest in, conducting thorough research, understanding the risks, considering financial goals and risk tolerance, and diversifying the investment portfolio is essential. Seeking advice from financial experts, staying informed about market developments, and monitoring trends are critical to making informed decisions in the rapidly evolving crypto market.

Will crypto be good in 2024?

2024 promises several crypto investment opportunities, including the upcoming halving of Bitcoin and the introduction of new coins that could shake up the market. However, the digital asset market is uncertain as it is susceptible to various factors. Therefore, thorough research and trader discretion are advised.

What is the best crypto to invest in?

The best cryptocurrency to buy depends on several factors influencing the final decision. These factors include a trader’s level, budget, trading style and strategy, and goals. As of winter-spring 2024, the most promising coins include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Solana, and Avalanche.

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