Common Knowledge is a Trading Trap


It is no secret that trading can be just as risky as it can be profitable. Many amateur traders dive into it without a proper plan or strategy in place, which costs them lots of money. But an even bigger mistake they can make is blindly trusting common knowledge and thinking that it is enough to ensure profitable trades.

In this article, we will discuss what common knowledge in trading is, how it can be detrimental to traders, the most frequent traps traders fall into, and tips for avoiding trading traps.


Gambling Psychology In Trading


A lot of people decide to start trading because they think it is an easy and quick way to earn money. They treat trading as a game, falling victim to the so-called gambling psychology. In this article, we’ll learn what gambling psychology is, how it can affect your trading and ways to avoid it.


How to Become a Professional Trader?


What is a professional trader?

After learning more about the world of trading and getting real money from your trades, you might start thinking about becoming a professional trader. But what makes a professional trader?


Random Reinforcement: Why Traders Lose Money


Are you having trouble with trading? Have you started losing money after a long period of successful trades? Many traders experience the same problem and can’t understand what they are doing wrong. But before you decide to drastically change your strategy or quit trading altogether, you might want to learn about something called random reinforcement and how it can be responsible for your trading failures.


Why Is Inflation So High? FBS Experts Told


You may have noticed that the prices of your favorite products have recently increased quite a lot. The reason is the incredibly high rates of inflation impacting economies of countries all around the world.

In this article, we will learn what inflation is, why it happens, what consequences it can have for average consumers, and what caused the inflation in 2022.


How to Trade Precious Metals


Stocks grow due to increases in companies’ profits. Crypto is mainly due to a change in the supply-demand balance. Currencies move as countries solve some issues and create others. Among these assets, there are metals affected by all of that, plus some extra. Our new article is all about trading precious metals, pros, cons, tips, and tricks!

In the next several entertaining minutes we will uncover the fundamental factors affecting precious metals prices. You will learn when to buy gold and why sometimes silver is better. What’s the difference between economic uncertainty and recession and does rising rates affect gold negatively? All answers are here!


How to Use FBS Partner Area: Tutorial for Beginners

partner_area_video_1200x675_1_cover (1).png

FBS presents an in-depth introduction to the Partner Area management tool. The video will walk you through all the Partner Area’s sections giving you an idea of how to control your IB program’s parameters, attract and retain customers.


Best Day Trading Laptops in 2023


What laptop do you need for day trading?

When discussing the requirements for successful trading, pro traders often mention having the right tools. A quality laptop is among such tools. A trader needs a good laptop just as much as an F1 driver needs a good racing car. A skilled driver may know everything about the theory and practice of racing, but it’s all useless if they don’t have a car to race. The same is true for trading.


Useful Tools to Grow as FBS Partner via Social Media

CREATIVE-526 Social media for Partners promotion_1200x675_1_cover.png

In this article, we unleash the full potential of social media and provide FBS Partners with effective tools to develop their audience, attract more clients to trade, and get more passive income. Read the article to get valuable tips, promo materials in Partner Area, a complete guide on creating content, and other info to have more followers.


How to Trade a Megaphone Pattern?

CREATIVE-434 How to Trade Megaphone Patterns__1200x675_1_cover.png

What is a megaphone pattern?

A megaphone pattern is a chart pattern that occurs when the price movement becomes volatile. It consists of at least two higher highs and two lower lows formed from five different swings. Each swing is larger than the previous one, and the higher highs and lower lows can be connected by two diverging trendlines that resemble the shape of a megaphone and give the pattern its name.

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